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Aug 11, 2005

Unprecedented Access

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThe Tragically Hip have brought a humble new Webmaster into their fold, giving him unprecedented access and insight into their lives both on and off stage. The result been monumental and the impact on the fans has been even greater. The Hip's official website,, is beginning to swell with exciting new content, most of which has been immediately announced in the preeminent Hip community, The Hipbase. Anyone who's a fan, casual or hardcore, or anyone who's interested in finding out why The Tragically Hip are indeed, tragically hip should set aside some time, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of their favorite beverage and visit the for an amazing video following the boys as they prepare for and perform at last month's Salmonfest.

Be prepared; it's unconventionally long, but well worth your time. You'll be treated to the soundcheck, coffee with Gord Downie as he practices his favorite song, a free-form jam with Robbie, Paul, and Johnny (guitars & drums), and follow them onstage to watch them open the show with Grace, Too and an awesome World Premier of a brand new song, No Threat.

And don't forget, Hipeponymous is due November 1st.

[photo courtesy of and © MMV The Tragically Hip]

"He said I'm Tragically Hip..."

        copyright © MMV Scottitude


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